Electric Water Pump for VOLVO & FORD

How does a water pump work?

How does a water pump help? The pump works by pushing coolant inside the engine and absorbing its heat. The hot coolant then goes into the radiator where it cools off and recirculates back into the engine.

An electric water pump uses a motor to send coolant from the cooling system to the engine internals. The system engages once the powertrain starts to overheat. The ECU receives the signal, and it initiates the water pump. On the other hand, conventional pumps, sometimes referred to as mechanical water pumps, use the engine’s torque that drives a belt and pulley system. The harder the engine works, the faster the coolant is pumped. The liquid travels from the radiator to the engine block, then to the cylinder heads, and finally back to its origin.

The water pump is also connected with the cooling fan and the HVAC system. The fan aids in cooling the hot liquid while the HVAC system uses it in case the heater is on inside the car.